About Us


We are a group of university students who have a variety of disabilities, physical & mental health conditions, learning difficulties and neurodiversity.
We want to share our advice and experiences of dealing with these in school, university & in our social lives in the hope that you feel supported, encouraged and able to keep going: to overcome the extra challenges you may face and to chase big ambitions.
If you are struggling with your health or with feeling different and isolated, please know that you are not on your own. Whether your life is impacted a lot or a little, whether your condition is temporary or lifelong, diagnosed or not, and whichever stage of education you are at, we are here for you.
If you are here as an ally, because someone close to you is affected, or you just want to learn more about supporting someone with a disability or health condition, you are welcome too!
Thank you for finding us and welcome to our community.

The Head Up! Team.